Maverik Max Gloves

Last year Maverik sent me a pair of their Max gloves to use. I was not asked to review them but I wanted to let you guys know what I thought about them now that I’ve had the chance to really use them. You will notice some pictures of them brand new and also after having used them in many games.

Let’s start with the basics. The Maverik Max is a very clean looking glove no matter what color you get. They are available in White, Blue, Navy, Black, Red and Gray. Also can be customized for a team order. They can be found at universal lacrosse for $159.99.

The palms are made of Axe Suede and have and really nice feel straight out of the package. Only one seam that is done so you can’t even feel it while cradling. They offer lots of dexterity in the fingers as well. 

As far as protection goes I am more than impressed with the Maverik Max. As most of you know I play in a Masteds league (aka Old Man Lax) and you’ll notice as you get older defenseman lose a step so they like to hack and slash a lot. As you can see in the picture below the harder part of the glove towards the wrist has a small chip in it. That to me does not show a wear problem but it means that if that wasn’t there my arm would be missing a chunk. 

You can flare this part of the Maverik Max glove out if needed to allow more wrist movement. Or I keep it in for more protection. Nice to have that option. 
The 37.5 fabric on the inside of the Maverik Max offers great moisture wicking to keep those hands dry and cool as does the ventilation on the back of the glove.
My over all opinion of the Maverik Max gloves is that if you are looking for a new glove this should be on your radar. I’m so impressed with every feature that is offered on it. 

If your still subscribed I appreciate it and all the support on IG. 


Kevin @proctorpac

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