Dominate with the STX Fortress 600

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies be prepared to have every attacker shaking in her cleats with the new STX Fortress 600. This new offering from STX is a defenders dream. 

The Fortress 600 comes with a composite shaft and features STX 10 degree off set technology to help force the ball to the sweet spot. The shaft also features a nice grip on the end on the end of the shaft to keep your hands in the proper defensive position. 

From STXWLax Instagram

The STX Fortress 600 scoop is designed to grab up every knocked down ground ball. The sidewall struts keep this head stiff but still lightweight. 

The Fortress 600 comes with the STX Launch pocket. It gives a great feel and hold on the ball. Also keeps the ball right where a player needs it for a nice smooth pass or shot.

If your a defender and looking to keep your goalie bored during games then grab a Fortress 600 complete. 

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