Stallion 700, Run With Endurance

The new Stallion 700 from STX maybe one of the biggest game changing heads to be released this year. They have packed so much technology into this head. Only available in X Spec itnis legal for all play levels.

The first thing you will notice about the Stallion 700 is all the different textures and cut outs. The redesigned scoop features Speed Scoop technology. This makes for almost effortless groundballs. I will say it took a couple ground balls to get used to the different shape. But once I did there was no looking back. Another nice feature of Speed Scoop is how it protects the top string from so much abuse.

STX has also included C-Channel in the new Stallion 700. This allows them to shave some weight off with out sacrificing strength. The new Stallion is 5% lighter but 20% stronger. Making an already solid head that much better. It has no flex in the scoop while gobbling up ground balls. It also allows to not only absorb checks but lay so nasty ones as well. 

From STX Instagram

The new throat design on the Stallion 700 from STX is unlike any I have ever used. There is a nice notch on the back for one handed cradling. 

The STX Stallion 700 is designed to offer players a nice mid pocket but could easily be strung to a mid high. Inspired by sports cars the Stallion has a nice curve and flares right where you need it. Available in 3 colors, White, Gray and Black. 

From STX Instagram

I’ve been using the STX Stallion 700 for a few weeks while on the field shooting and love the feel of it. Also it’s seen about a half a game and with stood some mean checks from some of the Old Guys I play with in my Masters League. Grab the Stallion 700 today if your looking for a game changer and a head that totally lives up to the hype! 

From STX Instagram

Thanks for reading along

Kevin @proctorpac


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