G.O.A.T. , Enough Said

Today we are talking about a new mesh on the market that I was lucky enough to get to try out. It’s G.O.A.T. mesh. It is available right now only at Universal Lacrosse and Stringers Depot. 
Let me give you the run down on what and how much G.O.A.T. Mesh is. A performance mesh ( not a waxmesh) that I would say is semi-hard right out of the box. It is only $15 for a super premium slice of mesh. Also as you can see in the above picture it has that awesome little tag that adds a bit of flare to an already great mesh.

I strung it up in a Maverik Tactik. It was super easy to string. I mean I’m a really simple stringer and it was easy to get the pocket I like. G.O.A.T. Mesh has very little stretch in it while playing wall ball or catching, so no need to worry about it bagging out. I did notice that it softens up after a few outings. 

G.O.A.T. Mesh gives you incredible feel on the ball. Also the hold is up there with the other top meshes. As a guy that tends to use traditional strung heads more in my day to day gamer, I’m always tough and quick to not like a mesh. G.O.A.T. Mesh really proved me wrong this time. I will be using this in a few games for sure. 

So if your looking for a weather proof mesh that will give you superior hold and nice feel then be sure to grab a slice of G.O.A.T. 

Thanks as always for everyone’s support through social media and sticking with me here on LaxThePlanet. Check back again for a review of the Maverik Tactik.

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