Gold Standard, Throne Fiber

Sorry for the lack of posts but I’m back! Today I wanted to discuss one of my favorite new mesh offerings Fiber mesh from Throne. 

First launched at LaxCon for the lucky few that got to make there thanks to the wonderful snow storm. This was the first time anyone had even heard of Fiber mesh. Throne had done a great job of keeping it secret. Since they are calling it the Gold Standard, it was on display in a crazy Gold Dyed head. Chris and Joe really knocked it out of the park.

What makes Throne Fiber mesh unique is that all of the strings in the Fiber system are made from the same material. They act perfectly in sync with each other. The mesh, sidewall, shooters and even gold tipped nylon chord are all made to work together.

The Fiber mesh is a performance based mesh (a first for Throne). It is a semi soft mesh but has the grip and feel of a semi hard style. It is by far one of my favorite features. 

  • Crosse Weave Technology
  • Weighs 24grams
  • Rip resistant
  • Hex Diamond Construction

Throne has thought of everything when they were designing this system. The side wall and top strings are made to minimalize stretch to keep your pocket legal. Also has flex core which helps to lock those knots in place.

The Fiber shooters have a nice tight weave to help keep them consistent. Also they lay flat for nice accurate passes. Then there is the thicker gold tipped shooter chord that not only gives you that snap on release but adds a touch of flare.

In my opinion Throne has set the bar in performance mesh with Fiber. From the first time I felt the insane grip at lax con I was blown away. I am always looking for a mesh that has an incredible amount of hold and feel. This has completely lived up to that standard. I will be using Throne Fiber in one of my gamers this spring season. Also available in Spectrum which is a single striker stripe down the middle of the mesh Throne Fiber has something for everyone. 


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