LaxCon 2016, A snowball of fun

With the US Lacrosse Convention winding down I wanted to give you some high lights. I know lots of people couldn’t make it this year because of the crazy snow storm. 

  One of the big releases was East Coast Dyes Mirage head. It has a full off set with a really nice face shape. Of course with Greg being an amazing stringer the Mirage offers enough options for everyone no matter what pocket you like. When Easy Coast Dyes releases the Mirage it will be one of the hottest heads of the spring! 

  With one of the top setups at LaxCon this year STX was super busy. They released their 3 new styles of mesh Friday and had an amazing way to promote it. If you had an STX head and needed it restrung then all you had to do was bring it by their booth, choose which mesh you wanted Drymesh, Drymesh Lite or Knotmesh. Then they had some of the best stringers from around the globe there to string it. @Lacrosseman who won string league last year flew over from from England, @that_kiwi_guy from New Zealand who is the mad scientist of breaking down sidewall knots and patterns, @955matt from California who has such crazy ideas when stringing, @laxtractive from California or was hooking up the ladies with the same deal and a couple of young guys from Florida @championstrings. So cool to see all these stringers in one place knocking sticks out quick and making sure kids had great performing pockets for the spring. 

  Of course STX had their new NCAA sponsored teams Stallion 600 helmets on display as well as gloves. These teams are going to look sick out on the field this spring.  

lacrosseman, Kyle Harrison , That_kiwi_guy
 With pros like Kyle Harrison, Chris Mattes, Tucker Durkin and Dave Emala hanging out signing autographs there was so much to do in one spot. 

  Another absolute sick setup was Under Armour. They had a shooting challenge set up as well as all of their NCAA teams uniforms on display. This was also the first place to pick up the new Command head before it hits stores Febuary 1st. Under Armour had their pro Jeremy Sieverts there signing autographs and talking to fans. The Lacrosse Network debuted their next episode of DRIVE featuring Jeremy here on Saturday. 
  String King came out swinging with a huge set up that I heard someone refer to as an Apple Store. They had their new Mark 1 on sale as well as their metal and meta plus shafts. Also they are offering a complete stick set up which includes the Mark 1, new A7150 shaft, strung with 2s for $99.99. This is a great offering and it’s ready to hit the field!
  There were also some new products being offered such as the Phantom lacrosse pocket. Basically for new players to have a consistent pocket. Time will tell if this will be a popular offering, but innovation can only push our sport. Others that were there were the SNYPR app for your phone. You download the app then it will keep track of your reps on the wall or passing with a friend. You can even challenge your teammates.

  One of the best things about going to LaxCon is getting to meet old friends and companies that I’ve talked to before but have never met in person such as Swax Lax balls. Or those I have met and love to hang out with like Glove Stix. Also to catch up with Joe and Chris from Throne and see their new Gold Fiber mesh and strings. Have to say a highlight was meeting up with Neil from @cardinallacrosse and introducing him to folks I know. If your not following him on Instagram or YouTube you need to be. Was great to meet Jason from Northern Soul lacrosse shop. He runs the biggest lacrosse store in The United Kingdom.
All in all I’d say the 2016 US lacrosse convention was a success. For sure the weather was not ideal and lots of companies chose to stay home instead of getting stranded. Those that did show up were awesome and I think the fans and coaches got to spend lots of time with them which when it’s crazy busy you don’t get. I’m already looking to 2017 and hoping the weather is better. 

Kevin @proctorpac


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