Under Armour; Take Command of your game


photo from Instagram

Under Armour has been in the lacrosse game for a few years. Now they are launching the Command head. It will be available February 2.

The Command offers many upgrades from previous Under Armour offerings:

  • Glide + makes scooping the ball a breeze. Forces the ball in to the right spot.
  • Full Offset gives you that Power and control to command the field
  • Enough stringing holes to give you a variety of pocket styles
  • Temperature Stabilizing materials so the head will perform well in all conditions
  • The supports give it just the right amount of flex and keep it light weight
  • Weighing in at 4.9oz

The Command is designed for any position. The Scoop will help that LSM gobble up the ground balls. The face shape and stringing options will make that low pocket for the one handed cradling create attackman. The high pocket outside shooting midfielder will be ripping shots past the goalie with no worries of the head loosing shape.

With big names schools in the NCAA sponsored by Under Armour they needed this head to live up to the standards of top caliber players. From everything that I have seen I think the Command will live up to this standard. If your in the market for a new head this season be sure to keep the Under Armour Command on your list.

-Kevin @proctorpac


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