Lax New Years Resolutions

With New Years upon us and spring lacrosse season right around the corner, I figured I’d give you some of my resolutions for this year.

  • Wall Ball at least twice a week
  • Learn to string your own stick
  • On field sprints
  • Hills
  • Shooting drills
  • Ground balls
  • Off Hand

First I went with Wall Ball. As we all know lacrosse is a game of fundamentals. Wall ball will help you keep up with good form while passing and quick hands. Keep those passes nice and crisp.

Learning to string your own stick is important. You don’t want to be at practice or in the middle of a game and have to grab a buddy to fix a loose string. You should know how to maintain it. This will also help you figure out exactly how you like your setup.

We can combine the next two. Running sprints and hills will help get you that extra burst of speed you need at the end of a game. Also this will help when practice comes along. It will show your coach how hard you have been working in the off season.

Shooting is up next. I know we all love to sit at an empty cage and rip corners all day. But how often does this happen in a game? Why not get out and practice different spots on the field or shooting on the run. I like to drag a trash can in to dodge around or even use as a goalie. 

This one requires a friend. One on One ground balls or two on 1 are always a fun way to practice those ground balls. But possessions win games and if you can’t get that ground ball then you can’t win games. 

This last one is maybe just as important as the ground balls. Being able to play using both hands is something that as a coach I always pushed. As a player I have been working on my left hand forever. Being able to keep the defense guessing which is your strong hand is something that will help you out when shooting and dodging. 

2015 was a great year and only bigger and better things are up for 2016. Hope everyone has a good new year!

Kevin @proctorpac

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