5 things that should be on your list for Santa 

  With the holiday season in full swing I wanted to give you the run down of some key items to include on your list. 
  I have to start off with this beauty from Nike and the Thompson Brothers. This super limited edition complete stick dropped Black Friday. Only 250 made. This is a Nike Lakota U in a Thompson Brothers water pack color scheme. It comes strung with a Lyle Thompson replica pocket which includes the HinzDropTop. The TBL Lakota U comes sitting on top of a Nike Vapor Elite shaft that has the Thompsons’ famous Braid detail. You won’t find anything out there like this. 
  Next up lets talk about protecting that head of yours. Originally released on for team sales the Cascade R carbon fiber finished and Bold platinum helmets are available for everyone now. I personally love the Carbon look. A proven helmet on the field and why not look good while ripping corners.
  One of the newest gloves on the market will easily become a classic favorite. The STX Surgeon 500 gloves. STX took a little design feature from their hockey line with the cuff. Early January practices just got easier with the pocket to slide in your favorite hand heaters. The palms on the Surgeon 500 are so smooth and fit almost like a golf glove. Protection is maximum with little to no bulk. You will take a beating and keep running right through those checks. 
 East Coast Dyes Hero Mesh and Strings are a must have for that stringer on your list. Since its release a few months back, it has been flying off the shelves. Hero Mesh is a non wax, semi soft performance mesh. What does that mean? Basically you get a weather proof, consistent and still shifty pocket. For sure East Coast Dyes Hero mesh is one of the best options out there. Oh and don’t forget to grab some Hero strings which are tipped and lock in to place.

  Last year all the talk was about carbon or composite shafts. While these are still very popular it seems that alloy is making a slight comeback. String King, East Coast Dyes and STX all released some amazing ones this year. All perform great and have unique shapes and qualities. You can’t go wrong unwrapping these under your tree.
  I know it says 5 but I couldn’t leave the ladies out. STX Womens lacrosse line added the Exult 500 to their line. It will be seen on many college draw circles this coming spring. It’s unique shape will help control the draw. Also features string lock to keep that pocket depth right where you want it.
  If your looking for some stocking stuffers then these are just a couple ideas

  • Swax Lax training balls
  • String King Pre Cut tape
  • Tradi Tree to help you get that perfect traditional pocket

Leave me some comments on what your hoping to get this holiday. Hope you have a great holiday no matter what you are celabrating.

Kevin @proctorpac #LaxThePlanet

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