Youth Lacrosse and Recruiting

What’s going on everyone? With College Lacrosse season starting up very soon, let’s get into a little bit of recruiting and youth lacrosse.

Obviously everyone’s goal is to make it to a college team and play at the highest level that you can. There are lots of ways to make this a reality. 

  • Recreational lacrosse leagues
  • Club lacrosse teams
  • Travel lacrosse teams
  • High School team

Recreational lacrosse: This is your basic everyone makes the team and usually they divide teams up by age groups. There are the few that will divide kids up by skill level but not usually. This level of lacrosse has its good points and bad points as most things do. You get to really hone your skills a little more. For parents the commitment isn’t usually as big as with other levels. The competition can still be outstanding even at the Rec level.

Club Teams: These teams are usually try out based. For sure the higher skill level boys and girls. This is where a young player really gets that taste of hard coaching and has to make a name for them selves. As for parents this is a much bigger commitment financially and time wise. Usually 2 practices a week and all weekend playing. Some club teams play all year long so there is that commitment also. These coaches are usually putting plays in and players that can handle it will shine and see the field a lot more. 

Travel Teams: Just like Club teams these are all try out teams. Again another time commitment issue as it will take up most weekends traveling to tournaments. Also a higher financial cost because of hotels and food. Now the upside is lots of college recruiters make these tournaments. The age grouping is usually 9yrs old all the way through HS. A player can make a name for themselves at these tournaments.

High School: Kind of obvious that this is try out based. Most schools will have one big tryout open to all grades. Then separate teams into Junior Varsity(JV) or Varsity. This used to be the way that a college coach would get to see you. I would say if you make a name for yourself over the summer playing on a travel team then maybe a recruiter would make it out to your HS game. With so many HS teams spread out all over the country it is usually a little tougher for them to make it unless they already know the name.

What do recruiters look for? I’ve read many articles about this. A very common answer is a team player and a natural athlete. Also they want a multi sport athlete. This is can be hard  with all the commitments to Club and travel teams. But if you look at Kyle Harrison, you can see how his basketball skill and soccer plays in to his lacrosse game. The multi sport factor also plays in to being a team player.  Lacrosse is such a game of fundamentals that once you get the proper mechanics down the rest will come to you. 

Kevin @proctorpac

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