Maverik Rome RX Speed Pad; More than meets the eye


The game of lacrosse is all about mobility. So when a player selects their protective equipment this should be on their mind. Maverik really took this fact into consideration with these shoulder pads.The Rome RX Speed Pad by Maverik is all about movement and options.


Maverik has taken the minimalist shoulder pad liner to a new level with the Rome RX. The fact that you can transform and customize it how ever you like makes it unlike others in the market. It features removable chest and back panels so you can have as much or as little protection as possible.

  • ANAFORM in the chest and back helps with impact
  • PORON XRD is a pad that when impacted hardens
  • What Maverik Calls 37.5 liner will wick away the moisture to keep you comfortable 

I’ve never been a player that likes to wear the full shoulder pads. So the Maverik Rome RX really seem to be the perfect style. If you watch tape of a defender that likes to really throw checks then maybe that game you want the full coverage. If it’s summer ball and you know your not going to get killed why not go minimal. On the flip side most D men will want to go with the no back panels but keep the chest in case you are in the line of a shot. This is a very versatile choice for anyone who is looking for protection and still wants that mobility. 
Kevin @proctorpac #LaxThePlanet

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