Thompson Brothers And Nike;Own a piece of history

 Everyone in the lacrosse community knows who the Thompson Brothers are. And let’s face it, people that know very little about lacrosse know who they are as well. We all would love to have a piece of something that they helped design.
 Earlier this month Nike released their first signature lacrosse shoe, in the form of the Hurache V Water Pack. This shoe was inspired and designed by the 4 brothers. Jeremy Thompson was the one who came up with the water design.
 We now have a chance to own a complete stick inspired and designed by Lyle, Jeremy, Miles and Jerome Thompson. Nike is releasing a very limited Nike Lakota U on a Vapor Elite shaft. Another and probably one of the coolest features is the Lyle Thompson replica top string or Hinz Drop Top. It comes strung up with a black performance mesh and a shooter set up that is legal for all levels of play.

 The Nike Vapor Elite shaft has the Thompson Brothers logo and signature braid detail. This shaft completely matches the color details of the Lakota head. Nike has put so much detail into this shaft it is incredible.
 With only 250 of these sticks made it will be a collectors item for sure.  The Thompsons have really pushed this sport to a new level. No longer will coaches frown on the behind the back or shovel shots (Don’t miss though). They have inspired a new generation to be inventive and play the sport for the right reasons. You can only get this stick from Universal Lacrosse starting November 27. They will go quick so don’t miss out. I know I’m grabbing a piece of history.

Kevin @proctorpac

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