Box Lax; Another way to play 

Unless you have been under a greasy lacrosse ball launched in the woods on a missed shot, then you know what box or indoor lacrosse is. Box lacrosse is super popular in Canada and I believe it is their national sport. I mean really if you didn’t think Canada was awesome already.

Box is more like a hockey style of lacrosse. It’s played on a field with walls or a rink. The goals are 4×4 instead of 6×6. You play all short sticks and 6 on 6. It’s fast paced and hard hitting. Also because of the close quarters the ball handling and stick work is tremendous.

You will notice that a few NCAA coaches are heading north to recruit players from Canada to play field because of the accuracy of shooters and stick work. When you grow up shooting at a 4×4 goal most of your life a 6×6 looks like all the space in the world. Probably the most famous are the Gaits that played for Syracuse. They have and continue to inspire players of all ages.

There are now 2 professional lacrosse leagues. One most know is the National Lacrosse League or NLL. The other is a newly formed league called Premeier Series Lacrosse or PSL.

The NLL has been around since the 90’s. It has added some teams and lost some teams over the years but still very popular for fans and players alike. There are quite a few guys that have play both the field MLL and the indoor NLL. Obviously professional lacrosse doesn’t allow for the huge pay checks and endorsement deals that the NFL or NHL does. These guys love the game and want to play it as much as possible.

The PSL is starting off a little smaller with a league owned 4 teams. They held open tryouts and had a draft earlier this year. All games are being played in LeHigh Valley, PA. They are playing 4 different weekends. Also an all star game will be held during the lacrosse convention in Baltimore, MD.

If your a field player and want to get those skills tested and also improve then look for a box league near you. I live in MD and they are getting more and more popular here. Most northern states have them. Also I know Brooklyn has an outdoor rink that is used for box leagues. It’s a different form of the sport for sure. Lots of cross checking and heads are usually pinched to allow for more accuracy and hold. Another noticeable difference is the pads the goalies wear. They look more like ice hockey goalies.

If your looking for that lacrosse fix and there is a foot of snow on the ground. Be sure to check for any leagues in your area and get out there. Box lacrosse will take care of that for you.

Kevin @proctorpac


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