What’s Next For Lacrosse?

We all love to play and watch the fastest game on two feet, but what changes need to happen to grow it? I’m going to go through a few that I think are the logical next steps.

Image: Obviously we all know how quickly news stories pop up about lacrosse players and legal issues. As ambassadors of this game we need to make sure that it is always shown in a positive light. On field and off the field it needs to be a priority to show this.

Speed: This is a hot topic in men’s and women’s. I feel like the women’s game is helping out by having a “play clock”. A few years back the NCAA added the stall clock in the mens game. This helped a little except leaving it in the refs hands always leads to inconsistent use of it. I would like to see a 90 second clock once the ball is cleared. This would allow for teams to get their subs on and still have set plays. The shot clock seems to work in the MLL except that it makes for some ill taken shots. The fastest game on two feet should be fast obviously. 

TV: This is important because it brings it to the masses. I know that lots of games are played on ESPN networks but lots are streamed. Would love to be able to turn on the TV and have ABC covering the games on Saturday like football is in the fall. 

Costs: Equipment costs are a huge factor. I’ve always felt that lacrosse should be available to everyone. Fun to see the 3v3 no equipment needed versions gaining popularity. Also the youth groups that are helping spread it to kids that have never had the opportunity to try lacrosse. It’s the game that has football hitting and similar to soccer in the running. If more kids are exposed to it then more can fall in love with it like we all have.

All these factors will help to change our game for the positive. Next time you see a kid watching you play wall ball let him use your stick. Guarantee they will start to love lacrosse as much as you do.

Thanks for reading along! Come back for more new articles! 

Kevin @proctorpac  #LaxThePlanet

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