String King; Metal doesn’t have to be heavy

 We all know String King makes great mesh and now they have entered the shaft market as well.  They are offering the Metal and the Metal Plus.

First thing you notice when you get the Metal or Metal Plus is it comes with 2 butt end choices and tape. Let’s talk about the tape. It’s crazy how such a simple idea really makes a difference. This tape is sectioned off into 2 sections. A smaller section for making the donut end knob and a wider section to tape up the shaft how you like it. Saves so much time over ripping it yourself.

Metal from $99.99

  • Attack 130 grams
  • Defense 320 grams
  • Goalie 144 grams

Metal Plus from $129.99

  • Attack 150 grams
  • Defense 360 grams
  • Goalie 168 grams

Both shafts are available in Matte Black, Space Gray, Siver or Nickel

These are the first non carbon fiber shafts I have used recently. They feel incredibly solid in your hand. They have a nice shape with a decent concave that makes cradling really comfortable. You can feel that String King really put a lot of research in to the design of the Metal and Metal Plus. I became a fan of these right out of the package.


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