Is there life after College Lacrosse?

With NCAA lacrosse season coming up quickly, there will be many seniors finishing their careers.  Obviously they can’t all go to the MLL but it doesn’t mean their lacrosse careers are over.

Lucky for us lacrosse is becoming so popular that there are lots of options out there. There are mens leagues and tournaments.

Let’s tak about the different age brackets-

  • Men’s Open 18+
  • Men’s Masters 35+
  • Grandmasters 55+

Most will wonder what kind of skill level there is in post collegiant play? It really varies from the highly skilled all the way to the casual player.

There are lots of different tournaments you can play in. A few of the more popular ones are:

  • Lake Placid (August)
  • Ocean City MD (August)
  • War at The Shore NJ (July)
  • Hawaii Lax Invitational  (October)

You can see any number of current and former professional lacrosse players at these tournaments. For instance last summer in Ocean City Dave Petramala and Gary Gait played on the same team.

As most of you know I play in a masters league in Maryland. I have my good games and bad games. But it’s always fun to get a run in no matter what happens. On my team we have guys from 35-58 years old. One thing to remember is when your the young guy, you will most likely end up on midfield or LSM.

So no matter what age you are or if you think your lacrosse playing days are over, remember to look for some leagues in your area. Might even find some pick up games around.

Thanks for the support on social media and my #laxtheplanet BLOG. Keep checking back for more!


Kevin @proctorpac

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