STX Exult 500; Dominate The Field


STX has stepped their women’s game way up again this year. Keeping in line with the Crux being designed for Attackers and the Fortress for Defenders. The Exult 500 is made for the Midfielder who needs to be able to dominate the field.


STX’s C-Channel technology will not only make the Exult 500 lighter but it also adds strength where you need it. The extreme angle on the bottom rail will help dominate the draw circle.


The STX Exult 500 has a scoop that is shaped for easy ground ball pick ups. The Exult features a new technology called String Lock. This system keeps your pocket set just the way you like it. No more worrying about tightening your pocket before a stick check.Nothing worse than a pocket bagging out when it’s raining or shrinking up once it dries. 


With the maximum pinch allowed and minimum sidewalls, players will achieve the deepest legal pocket possible with the Exult 500. Also the 10 degree offset keeps the ball in the sweet spot, for quick crisp passes and shots.


When I took the STX Exult 500 out to throw around, it was awesome. The shape of the head and sidewalls give the feel of a deep pocket when cradling. The accuracy when passing was insane. As you can see the whole family loves it.  My daughter will be trying it out this next season I’m sure. I can’t wait to see how this performs this spring at the college level.


As always thanks for following along and supporting me. Be sure to leave comments on what you like or don’t like. More reviews and insights coming soon. #LaxThePlanet

Kevin  @proctorpac

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