I’ve Got 99 Dollars and a Brand New Stick

Lacrosse can be expensive and that is why I had to let you know about this new section on universallacrosse.com. There are a lot of sites with closeout sections and clearance product. There are not a lot of sites that figure out how to make the latest that we all want at a great value. That is why I wanted to let you guys in on the crazy deal that Universal Lacrosse has going on. They have  put together some heads, shafts and mesh that you can get for $99.


Let’s start off with what is probably one of the craziest deals a Maverik Centrik which alone retails for $94.99. For $5 more dollars you get a Gait Ice shaft and mesh. Think about this for a second. The Gait Ice is one of the most popular shafts on the market. For $99 you get a sick set up.

So you play defense and you think you aren’t getting any love from lacrosse shops? Universal Lacrosse has you covered. They are offering the Nike Alpha U head, Nike Alpha D pole and East Coast Dyes Hero Mesh. Again this is only $99! This shaft alone costs $94.99. Basically Universal is giving you a great head and amazing mesh for $5.

I wanted to touch on the ones that really stood out to me but here are a few of the other options:

  • Red Nike Lakota, Nike Vapor Shaft and Hero Mesh.
  • Gait Matter, Gait Ice and it is strung with an ECD Pocket
  • Maverik Metrik U, Maverik A1 shaft and strung with Hero Mesh

Now that you have seen some of these amazing deals from Universal Lacrosse, be sure to head over and check out what they have going on.
As always thank you so much for the support on here and IG. It really means the world. Be sure to check back for more soon!

Kevin @proctorpac

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