Maverik Metrik U; Back by popular demand


Maverik has been putting out some amazing heads in the past few years. We all love the offensive line of heads that Maverick has given us. The Optik, The Centrik and the Metrik. Everyone loves the Optik and the Centrik is picking up steam for this season, but lets not forget how amazing the Metrik is.


The Metrik was the first of Maveriks new generation of offensive weapons. It was immediately loved by all who used it and marked them turning the corner in the head category.


The Maverik Metrik was a vast improvement over past heads such as the Spider and Frat.

  • It has 17 stringing holes so you can get any pocket you want.
  • The first of their heads to be made in the USA
  • Features the Level 3 bottom rail
  • Available in Universal Spec


One of the first things I noticed about the Metrik was how stiff it was compared to older Maverik heads. Because of this it would work perfect for a two way midfielder because it will not only absorb checks but give them out. The shape of the scoop easily picks up ground balls on turf or grass. Maverik designed it with a slight point, that really enhances the accuracy of passes or shots.


With the new High School rules going into effect soon where everyone will be using U or X spec heads, this is a great choice and will be seen on lax fields everywhere. Be sure to go pick a Metrik up so you can see for your self.

Thanks to everyone for all the support on here and IG! Please let me know what you think and leave comments below. Check back soon for more posts on your favorite gear or insights in to my world as I try to #LaxThePlanet

Kevin @proctorpac

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