STX Stallion 600; Don’t Believe The Hate


As everyone knows last year STX dove head first into the helmet market with the Stallion 500 by Schutt.  This helmet wasn’t exactly welcomed with opened arms by everyone.  There were a few of us that did enjoy it.  Now that all the helmet drama is behind us (I Hope), STX has revamped the Stallion and released the 600 model.


Not losing the actual design of the 500 the new Stallion 600 has upgraded a few things to improve on an already good helmet:

  • A New Polycarbonate Shell for added strength
  • TPU Sidepads for that extra snug fit
  • D30 & EVA Foam on the back of the head for extra protection
  • The “Classic” face mask is also standard and not an upgrade now
  • Still available in many different finishes and colors

DSC_0099DSC_0098The first thing I noticed right out of the box was the added pads (See Top Picture).  These give the Stallion 600 a better fit and comfort level than the 500. (Bottom Picture) Another thing I noticed was the 600 feels slightly lighter than the 500.


One of my favorite features that the STX Stallion offers is the protection on the back of the head.  I like that it comes down in the back to protect you from that errant check.  Also STX and Schutt has an air system that lets you customize the fit to your liking.

FullSizeRender 2

With fall ball starting up a few of the STX sponsored schools have already been showing off their new Stallion 600.  So far we know that Johns Hopkins University, Cornell and Ohio State will be wearing them this season.  I have hear that Duke will also be wearing them but those are yet to be seen.


If your in the market for a new lid this fall or the upcoming spring season, I would recommend trying the STX Stallion 600.

Thanks for reading along and keep checking back for more reviews and insights.  I appreciate the support from everyone. #LaxThePlanet

Kevin  @proctorpac

One comment

  1. I thought the 600 was scheduled for release on October 15 to stores, but can’t find one anywhere. Does anyone know who is selling it?


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