STX Duel; X Marks The Spot

FaceoffOn October 19 STX is going to drop something brand new on the world; The Duel
face off head and shaft. This is a head and shaft system designed specifically for the face off specialist.
Duel Head

The first thing you will notice is the lack of throat on this head. The STX Duel head has an integrated throat system that inserts inside the shaft. This allows you to keep your hands closer to the ball. Also there is a 3rd screw to add more durability.

Duel Head (2)

The Duel was designed with a face off specific flex pattern. It will bend in all the right places to help you get that clamp, pinch and pop. With lots of stringing options you should be able to get that perfect pocket.

One of the founders of the Face Off Academy Chris Mattes helped test and perfect this head. As a top face off man in the MLL he thinks this head will give that extra advantage that a face off specialist needs.

Duel Handle

The STX Duel shaft has been designed to maximize performance. It’s rigid clamp profile enables the face off guy to gain maximum exposure on the draw.


If you’re a FOGO be ready to go pick this up on October 19. Dominate the X like you have never been able to before.

Check back soon for more product reviews and insights.


Kevin @proctorpac

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