Womens Lacrosse; Why it Needs to Stay Untouched


Ok now I know its been a while since my last post and I mean a long while!! So I apologize and will do my best to get new posts up more often. Some of you may have guessed by my IG pics and twitter posts that I am a fan of lacrosse and that goes for all forms of lacrosse.  So today lets talk about the ladies game.  I recently attended a University of Maryland Lady Terps lax game with my daughter.  As I was watching I heard a few fans saying why not give them pads and let them have at it.  To me this would be crazy! If you ever really pay attention to the girls game the stick work is phenomenal!  The skill and pin point passing is nuts.  Now I will say that I feel like they will add a shot clock at some point to maybe speed it up a bit.  I don’t think it will change the way it is played though.  Also the goalies make so many saves that are point blank.  I remember reading about Devon Wills trying out for the MLL and how she could stop a lot of the guys inside close range shots.  If you really pay attention to how many accurate passes and catches are made it ridiculous!  As a guy when I try to throw and catch with my daughters stick it feels completely foreign.  Think about trying to cradle while being pushed or having a stick swinging at your head with no helmet on.  These girls are tough!! I think that the new “Helmet” rule in Florida is completely unnecessary. I use the term helmet loosely as to me it looks like some sort of head band or wrestling head gear.  This game is not meant to be played by big hits but more of a flow.  My hat is off to how hard girl laxers go to the cage with no protection.  If you’ve never watched a game or think that the girls don’t have the same skills as the guys, your right but don’t think that they can’t hang. This is why I feel that the ladies game is really fun and entertaining to watch.  Go out and support lacrosse in all forms from ladies to youth.

One more quick thing.  If you are a lacrosse player, coach or fan please please please lets stop all the negativity in the news or towards other players!  Every season we make headlines in some way for something dumb.  This needs to stop! Sorry for the quick rant!

As always thanks for following along and reading.  Please leave any comments or complaints.  Love seeing everyones seasons getting started.  Lets hope the warm weather is here to stay.  I will try and get another post up in a couple days.  Until then feel free to say Hi on IG and twitter. Thanks again #LaxThePlanet

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