SISU; Funny Name Amazing Mouthguard

I’m sure everyone is reading the title and thinking Mouthguard review really? I feel the same way about them as well, or I did until I got a SISU.

Let me start out by saying that the SiSU is the strangest looking mouthguard before its molded. It is basically a flat piece of plastic with holes in it. I had received one for me and my daughter. I followed the directions and molded mine first. Very easy. Use a small bowl put about a cup of water in it. Microwave it for a few mins. Don’t bring it to a boil. Place the SiSU mouthguard in the water. Literally takes only a few mins to get fork soft. Place it in your mouth by lining your teeth up on the marks and fold it around the front of your teeth. Use your tongue to push it behind the teeth. Suck in and boom instant mold.

After I did mine I helped my 8 year old daughter. Her pink junior (of course) SiSU was just as easy. Same process but I helped on the front side of the teeth. I forgot to mention you know you have a perfect fit when you can say SISU and the guard can’t be flicked out with your tongue. She loved hers while playing and on the sideline she never had to take it out. Drinking water and talking is no problem.

I decided I didn’t like the fit of mine so I placed it back in the hot water and it went perfectly flat. It was crazy. Followed the same process and in no time had it molded for a second time.

The SISU mouthguard is by far the most comfortable guard on the market. No more chewing on your mouthguard because it’s uncomfortable. I used mine at the shoot out for soldiers game and  I will never use anything but SISU mouthguards. I played in a few games that night and had no complaints of discomfort or gagging. Head over to Universal and pick one up for you or your kids.

As always thanks for reading and following along as we #LaxThePlanet!

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