LaxThePlanet; What it Means

If anyone is still reading I must say thanks for sticking around. Life gets pretty busy in June and July around my house. But I’m back! As some of you know I had a contest where I asked everyone to leave a comment and tell me what #LaxThePlanet means to you. So many amazing comments that I figured it was time for me to give my explanation of it.

LaxThePlanet means a few different things to me personally. Let me first give you a little back story on where I came up with the name and hashtag. There was a movie in the late 90’s called Hackers it starred a young Angelina Jolie. In this the movement was Hack The Planet! So when I first joined Twitter I would always end tweets that were about lax with #LaxThePlanet. I just liked the sound of it. Lax has always seemed like a sport that should be played by the masses. When I first started playing it was basically a upperclass almost yupee sport (which I am neither). It always seemed crazy that more kids weren’t into it. I mean really the skills involved kind of tie into other really popular sports like soccer, football, basketball and hockey.

So #LaxThePlanet to me means to take this game which was given to us from a great mass of people and spread it to all corners of the earth. Also to take  that “rich white” stereotype out of the game and show that anyone can and should be able to play it. The “lax bro” attitude is one that I have never been a fan of. I don’t mind the look because it really is easy to pick out a lacrosse player in a crowd but it’s the way they act that always bothers me. The face of the game is changing finally.  This is what needs to happen and is a natural progression.

I’ve always loved the history of the game from the Native Americans. The fact that they use it as medicine game has been one of my favorite aspects of the sport. I know that I love to go out and shoot at a goal or play wall ball just to forget about day to day problems at work or what ever. So in a way it helps to heal your soul and de stress.

To all my IG and Twitter fans please be sure to help support the new stringing accounts that will pop up and follow you. Or at the very least look through their pics and if they do a good job be sure to let them know. This is an easy way to give back to our sport.

To me the sky is the limit for lacrosse. As a community we need to make sure we are pushing the sport to new levels.  Sorry for the long drawn out explanation but wanted everyone to see my side and why I do what I do.

The support is more than amazing to me so thank you and I promise to get some more posts up very soon!!


Kevin (proctorpac)

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